3 Dream House Inspirations Most Liked and Can Be Referred

trioart.online3 Dream House Inspirations Most Liked and Can Be Referred

Everyone would want to have a dream home, but to have it is not easy because there are many factors that must be considered.

You need a strategic location, determine the number of floors, adjust the area of ​​the building to the interior design and architecture. Thus, a dream house that you can live in will be realized.

The concept or style of design is so diverse and vary depending on the size of the building itself. When you want to buy or build a dream home, then make sure with the desire so that you feel comfortable to occupy the residential house.

Things to Look For in Creating the Design and Decorating of a Dream Home

The first thing you must determine is the eksetrior design and house paint. House paint with a monochrome color tends to give a broad impression. Then, as much as possible you embed natural elements at home, both inside and outside the home. No matter how small the land you have, you should still bring green plants at home.

In addition to outside buildings that must be considered, the interior requires greater attention. Because in theory, residents of the house spend 95% of the time in the house. A dream home is a cool, healthy, calm and comfortable home. In addition, it can also provide a warm atmosphere as well as healthy air flowing at any time.

The following are 3 Dream House Inspirations Most Liked and Can Be Referred to

  1. Minimalist Dream House One Floor

One-storey house design is easier to design because of the less attention given to the design elements. If you have a large area, this type of minimalist one-story dream house is perfect because it can maximize as much area as possible.

To make your dream home cooler, you should present a garden so the house feels fresher and is more comfortable to live in. So that the front of the house looks high, then present the game of vertical lines so that it gives a long effect.

Laying the wooden practice in an oblique position will help maintain the privacy of residents from outside the home, but the house will still get adequate lighting.

  1. Minimalist dream house with two floors

Minimalist two-story houses are often found in cluster housing. This model house is suitable for small families, because the function of the room can grow along with the addition of family members.

Characteristic of a minimalist two-story house that is using concrete, following the shape of the box (basic form), using a maximum of two combinations of material and plain or using ornaments.

In theory, minimalist homes use wall paint in monochrome colors. If you consider the white color to be too plain, you can add wood or wall materials with natural stone motifs with simple motifs as accents.

Having a two storey house is sometimes constrained by a budget. However, you do not worry because the house can be made to grow. The tips are that you should consult with an architect or designer who designs a 2-storey house.

Even though only the first floor has been erected, it is certain that the layout and stairs can be developed for a moment if you want to increase the number of floors.

  1. Modern Dream House

Modern home designs are more often juxtaposed with minimalist homes. Although it can be justified, there are striking differences between the two. Minimalist house has no concrete roof (flat roof), while modern houses have a triangular roof shape.

Modern homes have better lighting sources because they use large windows. Present adequate windows or openings in the house, so that air circulation can flow properly.

Therefore, make sure the direction of the eyes of your home’s angina. Avoid putting windows that face west, because the house will feel hotter.

Some collection of dream homes above, you can make a reference if you currently have plans to build a dream home. You can choose a minimalist one-storey house model, a minimalist two-story house or a modern dream home. Of course you have to adjust to the existing budget.

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